A Bella Scusa

The friendly atmosphere of a house at the heart of generous nature.
The soul of an authentic village full of character in a charming setting.

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The house

A Bella Scusa, a typical Corsican granite house built in 1902 by the son of a shepherd from the village, is both discreet and brimming with charm.

Nestled at the heart of the Prunelli valley in Bastelica, a superb village with an exciting history, which has inherited the best of the island’s gastronomic know-how and is home (among other treasures) to a renowned farmhouse delicatessen of excellent quality, A Bella Scusa is a great excuse for a carefree getaway or a relaxing return to your roots. Like the dragonfly (a Signora in Corsican), an elegant and discreet lady at our watering holes, it invites you to flourish in a joyful, serene atmosphere.

Attached to these traditions, we have let ourselves be guided by the authenticity of the surrounding nature, down to recreating the vegetable garden where it was found in days gone by, originally irrigated by the Volta canal, a remarkable 18th-century construction whose aim was to divert some of the water to the village and transport it to the gardens.

Service & Facilities

  • Rooms
  • Breakfast (buffet)
  • Tastings (booking required)
  • Laundry for an additional charge
  • WiFi
  • Lounge with fireplace
  • Garden room
  • Vegetable garden
Pozzi de Bastelica en Corse, A Bella Scusa
Pozzi de Bastelica
Vue sur les montagnes Corse pres de l'hotel Artemisia
Lac de Tolla